Creative Design for the Museum and Exhibition Environment

Vasconez + Quenroe Museum Studio offers sound museum planning and innovative exhibit design.
We help museums tell stories that engage and inspire.

We Fulfill Our Promise

Your vision is brought to life through a combination of our unique strengths in areas including: fine arts, decorative arts, history, and archaeology with a multi-disciplinary team of design professionals whose individual expertise is requested based on project type, size, and requirements.

VQ’s Leadership Provides 40+ Years of Experience

Our Vision for Vasconez + Quenroe Museum Studio is to expand minds,
enrich souls, and captivate imaginations around the world.

Our Design Philosophy is Our Identity

The following criteria informs and guides every project we undertake:


Completely understand the exhibition theme before undertaking the process of presenting it to the public.

VQ engages in extensive research on the relevant topic, refers to the curatorial staff for better understanding of the museum or exhibition, and visits similar museum installations for a critical assessment of their successes and failures.


Provide a unified, intellectual and visually engaging experience to the visitor.

A museum or exhibition has its own inherent personality that is an outgrowth of its collections and educational goals. VQ focuses first on the theme or idea that provides the main narrative thread for creating a unified experience for the visitor.


Create a layout that is cohesive and logical, clearly presenting the exhibition’s argument.

VQ engages in in-depth studies of the architectural and spatial constraints and opportunities provided by each individual site. Circulation and organization of exhibition furniture should allow visitors to grasp the topic immediately.


Pay special attention to detail throughout the design process.

Every aspect of the exhibition including graphic and case design should enhance objects or advance educational themes. Casework and display mounts must serve functional purposes of stability, conservation, security, and ease of staff access.


Enhance the subtleties of interaction between the object and the viewer.

During exhibition installation, the functioning of object inserts, mounts, or specific groupings should receive special scrutiny. VQ aspires to maintain a designer on-site for the majority of the installation process to ensure thoughtful object placement.


Design the lighting with specific expertise in visually enriching an exhibition.

VQ’s concern for appropriate lighting extends through the whole design and installation process, while meeting conservation requirements. This includes the final focusing and fine-tuning stage where the special qualities of an object can be enhanced.

Call on VQ to provide affordable design services
regardless of scope, complexity or budget.

Sandra Vásconez

Sandra Vásconez
Owner/Project Manager/Designer

Ms. Vásconez provides design services and consultation on museum planning, museum exhibition, and lighting design. She also serves the industry through managing the design and installation process of museum and gallery exhibitions. Ms. Vásconez has been working in the industry for over fifteen years and holds a Masters of Arts in Art History and Museum Studies from University of Denver, Masters of Science in Lighting from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language and Literature from The King’s College.

Elroy Quenroe

Elroy Quenroe
Principal Designer

Mr. Quenore excels in design and installation of museum exhibitions and provides design services and consultation on museum planning, exhibition and lighting design. With over forty years of experience in the industry, he has established himself as an expert in the field. Mr. Quenroe has a Masters in Architectural History from University of Virginia and Bachelor of Environmental Design from University of Minnesota.